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ZigBee Anlliance CEO Tobin visiting

  On May 6th ,2015, Doctor Weimin Su ,president of Zigbee Chinese member together with Zigbee Alliance CEO Mr. Tobin Richardson and marketing director Mr. Victor Berrios visited China ZigBee products factories to know the latest news ,to discuss the ZigBee development in the future and wish domestic enterprise have worldwide vision in terms of connectivity issue.


  At the afternoon on 6th May, Tobin came to visit civil famous ZigBee smart home solution provider—Shenzhen Feibit Electronics Technology Co.,Ltd ,  and was really shocked by its performance of  developing hundreds of ZigBee products and maintaining  a blog  of  20,000 members .


  Tobin had a long discussion with Robin , the marketing director . He had a better understanding of Feibit’s produts  and appreciated that Feibit developed its products based on international standard and gained products certificate for connectivity products . Meanwhile, Ryan ,Feibit ‘s technical director , pointed out that it needs to add ZigBee HA protocol into Data transparent transfer , which was accepted by Victor and wish they would take action soon.


  The cooperation for ZigBee 3.0 standard with Thread standard is another focus issus. For Feibit , its ZigBee gateway is capable of coexisting ZigBee Light Link with ZigBee HA protocol. Except those two kinds of protocol , ZigBee 3.0 can comprehensively connect more devices which matches Feibit ‘s strategy. In the next half year of 2016, Feibit will become the first certified enterprise for ZigBee 3.0 gateway.