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Spring 2016 Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show

From Apr.11 to Apr.14th,2016 Hong Kong Asia World Expo Arena held HK Spring Electronics Fare with over 9000 company representatives from almost 200 countries , coming here to visit and procure. We are honored to be here to participate in the exhibition .Now I will introduce you about this fair.


Part One: 11 arenas with distinguished features

  There are totally 11 arenas ,subdivided into 9 areas, mainly in the field of consumer electronics and smart home .

  The rainy weather influenced the attendees somehow, while the exhibition area for consumer electronics is fashion , chic so that it attracted many      people . In the smart home area, it is professional equipped with salesman who know little about technical stuff so it is less attractive.


Part Two: Small module of Feibit , big display for intelligency.

   We provide rich content in a limited area.

   First , address major concerns

l   We are solution provider, mostly present the role as  FBee Inside and OEM factory

l   We focus on the Zigbee technology for ten years, showing customers our position of connecting middleware.

l   We’d like to keep an open relationship with suppliers , willing to show their products.

   Second, publish new products , connected with Home Kit.

   One painful thing for those smart home products is that we can’t realize the connectivity for different wireless protocols. On the help of third opening connector, we develop a WIFI to Zigbee gateway which makes HomeKit to identify Zigbee application direction. Thus Apple users can control bulb , sensors, switches according to Siri voice or APP.

  Third, Smart scene , interactive experience.

   To keep closer to clients , we integrate the whole products(gateway, sensor, curtain, switch, plug, camera, lighting) into Smart Home Demo, displaying a live scene to enhance impression. In the model , clients can use APP to control all scenes and setting. They can change light color through Siri, collect security warning information and transfer different scenes, and control scenes through switch. Try to think about it , that when you come home , open the door, then the lights will be turned on automatically. You just sit on the couch comfortably , using mobile phone to control all the lights and electronic appliances. Gas leaking or smoke will warn  you by itself. And clothes hanger will close up when it is raining, along with closing curtain. The light in the porch and bathroom will be on during midnight. What a wonderful thing !


Part Three : Media 

   During the exhibition, Miss Lin, an expertise from HK Frankfurt New Times Media, had an interview with Robin, market dirctor.

   First, Miss Lin expressed her recognition for Feibit in the professional field of ZigBee. Then Robin delivered his business vision and direction for company development. Robin said, Feibit focused on Zigbee technology development and promoting , and would actively take part in further connecting with open platforms. Zigbee as main line, they will try compatible solution for WIFI  and Bluetooth Mesh. There are five main fields for products, lighting, security, electronics, curtain and smart lock. They provide whole ODM service in the terms of a complete set for gateway and products for exporting, and supply modules to factory for domestic sales , in an open and integrated attitude as platform and investor. At last , Robin expressed Feibit will contribute to upgrading domestic factory taking advantage of traditional resources and building up national brand.