ZigBee Light Link smart lighting solution

Using the technology of ZigBee Light Link, we build our smart lighting system-HUI light which includes more than 10 kinds of smarting lighting products, like bulb, strip, celling lamp etc.

Introduction for Smart Lighting System


As a leading civil brand of ZigBee smart home and lighting solution, we have published lighting products compatible for 

Apple Home Kit.   Isn’t this very exciting ? We are already excited . HomeKit gateway can connect with Apple Home Kit 

platform . A really bonus for Apple fans !


Home Kit gateway also supports other lighting device based on ZigBee Light Link protocol except for Apple Home Kit ,

 which makes multi-products connective.



One painful thing for those smart home products is that we can’t realize the connectivity for different wireless protocols. 

On the help of third opening connector, we develop a WIFI to Zigbee gateway which makes HomeKit to identify ZigBee

 application direction. Thus Apple users can control bulb , sensors, switches according to Siri voice or APP.