ZigBee Home Automation smart home solution

Using the technology of ZigBee Home Automation, we build our smart home system-HUI home which includes lighting, security, power management, door lock, curtain, etc.

Introduction for Smart Home System


As a leading civil brand of ZigBee smart home and lighting solution, we devote ourselves to develop ZigBee technology to produce a series of smart home product, which based on ZigBee Light Link protocol and ZigBee Home Automation protocol. It is totally compatible for the same protocol products , making it connective for multi-product.


All smart home system includes the products above, for instance, gateway, light, switch, sensor, plug, alarm, video camera, IR transfer and door lock. The whole system is connected through gateway, make it linked to alarm, one key to install, strong networking ability and high security. With the aids of gateway , matched with door sensor, IR detector, smoke sensor , smart plug ,smart switch and related intelligent security device, we can easily have the function of in time linkage and home guard to protect our home in all dire


Connect with gateway to display

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