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About Us

About Us

We are building interoperative smart home products ecosystem based on Fbee wireless module and chipset firmware, which is our original intention. Meanwhile, we collectexcellent products from device partners who deploy our modules, and deliver to business partners of various user case. Thus, we together offer people an intelligent  life.




Product Localization: To provide safe and comfortable intelligence living experience. 


Security for family care.

Comfort for enjoyable life.


Enterprise Vision: intelligent things, life wings. 

Internet of Things is the source and fate of big data analyze .IoT accomplishes the connection between people and things, things and things ,thus realizing the perception for physical world. The purpose of making things intelligent is to guide people to produce and live after comprehensive data analysis. However, what should human do when the world becomes intelligent? Innovation and inspiration is one that our artificial intelligence don’t possess. Therefore we should turn innovation into life and inspiration into work. That is the home of human spirit.