About Us
Brimate (HK) Co. Ltd is a worldwide enterprise who strives to change people’s life with Internet of Things technology. We have established an Internet cloud service research center in US, a communicate hardware research and production center, purchasing and testing center in Shenzhen, and a worldwide trading center in Hong Kong . Company main products are smart lights ,as well as smart home ,smart apparel and entertainment in every aspect. Enterprise Develop vision/ Enterprise Spirit/Idea/Advertisement Title Paraphrase: BRI is short for brightness which means bright, light and clever. MATE stands for companion. Brimate’s original intension is to solve the relationship between switch and light ,and to be the maker for newest switch. Later its extended meaning is a multi-field integrated trading company , which means clever partner in business. For customer it is described as a sunny living company. Product Orientation: To provide safe and comfortable intelligence living experience. Security for family care. Comfort for convenience and pleasure. Enterprise Vision: wisdom world, creative living. Internet of Things is the source and fate of big data analyze .IoT accomplishes the connection between people and things, things and things ,thus realizing the perception for physical world. The purpose of WISDOM WORLD is to guide people to produce and live after comprehensive data analysis. However, what should human do when the world becomes wise? Innovation and inspiration is one that our artificial intelligence don’t possess. Therefore we should turn innovation into life and inspiration into work. That is the home for human spirit.
Our products cover smart lighting, sensors, switches, curtains, door locks and so on. We named all the products “FBee Inside”
Technologies Figure and Service
All our ZigBee products follow ZHA/ZLL standards, we provide the gateway "Midware" to drive the end devices in your ecosystem.
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Our location of cloud service R&D in US, hardware R&D and factory in Shenzhen, and trading center in Hong Kong
Featured Products
ZigBee Light Link smart lighting solution
Using the technology of ZigBee Light Link, we build our smart lighting system-HUI light which includes more than 10 kinds of smarting lighting products, like bulb, strip, celling lamp etc.
ZigBee Home Automation smart home solution
Using the technology of ZigBee Home Automation, we build our smart home system-HUI home which includes lighting, security, power management, door lock, curtain, etc.